Special section of ‘Women’s Studies International Forum,’ guest edited by Karolina Kuberska and Sarah Turner

Dr Karolina Kuberska and Dr Sarah Turner, post-doctoral research fellows on the Death Before Birth project, have guest edited a special section of the Women’s Studies International Forum. Motivated by the work undertaken as part of the DBB project, Karolina and Sarah have produced this section in the hopes of ‘capturing the tensions and frictions inherent in the ambivalent nature of every pregnancy loss.’

Read their introduction to the section here,

List of articles in the special section:

Leah Eades, ‘Social realities, biological realities: The 24-week foetus in contemporary English abortion activism.’

Maria Verdaguer, ‘Mothering cancer: Maternal subjectivity and the status of the foetus in a case of cervical ectopic pregnancy.’

Samantha Murphy, ‘”I’d failed to produce a baby and I’d failed to notice when the baby was in distress”: The social construction of bereaved motherhood.’

Caroline Lafarge, Sophia Rosman, Isabelle Ville, ‘Pregnancy termination for fetal abnormality: Ambivalence at the heart of women’s experience.’

Deborah Davidson, Gayle Letherby, ‘Use of the internet and grillwork in perinatal loss: Motivations, methodologies and meaning making.’

Iva Šmídová, ‘The Czech intimate presence of perinatal loss in the Post-Socialist absence of institutionalised humanity.’

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